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Volunteers contribute their time, expertise, and ideas to help make The Weekend to End Breast Cancer happen. Volunteers help spread the word about the event and cause by supporting Orientations, speaking at fundraising parties or outreach events, and leading Training Walks. An army of thousands of Volunteers helps us produce the Opening and Closing Ceremonies with gracious smiles. The Weekend Volunteers are truly heroes before and during the event, and volunteering is great way to make a difference.

What’s the Difference Between Volunteers and Crew?

The Crew trains for their assignment during the months leading up to the event and travels with the Walkers on each day of The Weekend to End Breast Cancer. Volunteers work behind the scenes all year long and during the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. If you can give us a few hours or a day, you should consider being a Volunteer. If you can commit to the full two days and one night of the event, you should register to be a Crew Member. Just remember, in whatever way you can help, we are delighted and grateful for you to make a commitment to this super cause.

Can I Volunteer if I’m Already a Registered Walker or Crew Member?

Absolutely! Getting involved is a great way to stay connected to The Weekend to End Breast Cancer all year long and really become a part of our team of heroes. Walkers and Crew Members can Volunteer to lead Training Walks, lend their support at Orientations, and speak at fundraising parties and outreach events. Walkers and Crew Members won’t be available to volunteer for the Opening or Closing Ceremonies though; these ceremonies are to celebrate you!

Volunteer Opportunities

There are many things Volunteers do throughout the year to make the events happen. Check the list below to see what role might be best for you:

  • Office Volunteers: Join us, day or evening, in our office for various Volunteer opportunities.

  • Tent Volunteers: You will work alongside hundreds of hardworking and energetic heroes like you setting up and taking down tents for the tired Walkers. Tent set up is from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm and tent take down is from 11:00 am - 5:00 pm. This is a great opportunity for students to receive their Volunteer hours, youth groups to get involved, and Girl Guides and Scouts to earn their badges.

  • Training Walk Leaders: Training Walker Leaders should have the flexibility to adjust routes and walks to fit a variety of participant fitness levels, a dynamic personality to enforce safety regulations, and the enthusiasm to make participants feel comfortable and successful on each Training Walk.

  • Event Volunteers: You will assist with Day Zero at the beginning of the event, send Walkers on their journey by helping out with the Opening Ceremonies, and serve as eager helpers for the many activities involved with the Closing Ceremonies. Check back soon to find an Event Volunteer Flyer. You can post it in your neighbourhood to help us recruit more Volunteers to support our Walkers on the event!

  • Orientation Volunteers: These Volunteers partner with Staff to support Orientations in your area. You can help by checking in Walkers, handing out T-shirts, and providing fundraising or training support.

Call us at to find out more about Volunteer programs in your area or click here to register as a Volunteer today. There is no registration fee.